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Waste 2 Energy
From idea to construction, to operation.
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A Danish development company with a global perspective on biogas and waste to green energy

We use Danish and German subcontractors with a proven technology and a strong track record.

Engineering consultants ensures it all meet our standards in respect to quality and performance.

International alliance Partners from London and Hong Kong, provides the needed funding for the projects.


Latest from Scandi Biogas

Signed a precontract with Ecosustainable Group Ltd. for funding

Scandi Biogas has signed a precontract with Ecosustainable Group Ltd. for funding and construction of the Billund Biogas project and W2E projects in Malaysia.

The final procurement and contracts with contractors is expected in Q2 2017.


Biogas as methane is the cleanest fuel available on the market today. It has the potential to replace a large part of fossil fuel consumption.

Upgraded biogas also generates significantly lower emissions of toxic hydro carbons, nitrogen oxides and soot particles, than gasoline and diesel.


To take the solid waste from house holds and industries, and also the sludge from wastewater, and transform it into energy, methane and heat.

And at the same time to sell the bi products, such as metal scrap, bioplastic / renewable plastic and phosphorous on the market, and with no waste.


A high tech hydroponic greenhouse system powered by a Danish biogas power facility, to ensure CO2 free energy and heat at all times - 24/7/365, in the most cost efficient and cleanest way.

Furthermore to produce, organic food and recycle the rainwater and food production biomass recidues.

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Large scale upgraded biogas with industrial utilities

"Green light for pure energy"